Monday, June 22, 2009

Riddled with viruses

Whilst updating my media server I did a virus scan and discovered it's riddled with trojans and various viruses! Oops.

I use AVG free version but it seems to have circumvented that. Even after a full virus scan various strange things still happening, including getting redirected to Windowsclick repeatedly whilst trying to fix the problem. Seems other people had the same problem.

Running Malwarebytes Anti-malware (free version) initially didn't work. You have to rename the mbam.exe to get it to work! The trojan is blocking it running. Clever. So after a rename, a quick clean and a reboot that seems to have gone. Wonder what else is left.

So, lesson learnt:
  • Update Windows automatically. I had this turned off because I don't want the server resetting randomly.
  • Run full virus scans regularly. I was just running quick scans occasionally.
  • Viruses are getting more devious.
  • If you can't follow this link then you have it too.
  • I post stuff like this because I found what other people put really useful. Thanks!

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