Monday, January 04, 2010

Spaces and Command Key

I've finally settled on a set up for switching spaces that I'm happy with on my MacBook. I started off using the command key + arrows to move from one space to another. But the problem with that is that it conflicts with editing any text, as command + arrow keys moves to the start end and end of things, which is a big thing to lose.

I've tried control + arrows and option + arrows, but you always lose some functionality. It doesn't seem very well thought out. And why can't you use the "fn" key on a MacBook with the arrows?

So I've given up on command + arrow keys and now I use command + number keys. This works well for the laptop, or for the keyboard I plug in for serious typing. You can't type properly on those new flat ones. Bah!

It's very quick and comfortable once you're used to it, especially if you use command + tab for switching applications

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