Thursday, December 03, 2015


When I'm working, I like quick references to documents or notes I make. This is often the case with things with fiddly syntax, like BASH. Cheatsheets are a great way to summarise information for quick look up.

I wrote some HTML and Javascript to format Markdown notes into something more readable, with extra browsing functionality. The advantage of using Markdown is that it is quite readable as text, and on Github the preview is nicely formatted. All the formatting is done using jQuery, live, in the HTML page.

The project is on Github (As of writing the notes are still a work in progress!). It is very easy to add new notes by just adding a new markdown file. Updating shared notes between locations is as easy as git pull.

Here are some example BASH notes:

Syntax highlighted code examples.

Extended formatting for defines.

Key shortcuts.

I used Bootstrap to get themes and layout easily. There is syntax highlighted code, via HighlightJS. I also added some extra markup syntax for lists of things, like defines. It really is quite impressive what quality open source Javascript libraries are available these days.