Monday, August 15, 2016

Gwork memory allocation stats

I added memory allocation tracking to Gwork as I'd like to keep track of the number and size of allocations. A CSV file is generated which parsed to produce a report. The following are tables from the report.

Current state

The current Gwork allocation stats from:

commit a95a0fde3afb68d2fd4d7af817159c4891db970d
AuthorDate: Mon Aug 15 20:26:21 2016 +0100

NameAlloc countAlloc size
API test90181566856 (1530.133KB)
Button5311024 (10.766KB)
Checkbox346088 (5.945KB)
CollapsibleList20839744 (38.812KB)
ColorPicker28132680 (31.914KB)
ComboBox4194755408 (737.703KB)
CrossSplitter5411128 (10.867KB)
GroupBox133928 (3.836KB)
ImagePanel61248 (1.219KB)
Label458168 (7.977KB)
LabelMultiline368736 (8.531KB)
ListBox25246040 (44.961KB)
MenuStrip817153304 (149.711KB)
Numeric395056 (4.938KB)
PageControl5811568 (11.297KB)
ProgressBar729728 (9.500KB)
Properties60883240 (81.289KB)
RadioButton6212072 (11.789KB)
ScrollControl602113640 (110.977KB)
Slider345040 (4.922KB)
StatusBar102000 (1.953KB)
TabControl18134016 (33.219KB)
TextBox23423080 (22.539KB)
TreeControl714117984 (115.219KB)
Window142712 (2.648KB)

GWEN stats

NameAlloc countAlloc size
API test100511721899 (1681.542KB)
Button6211736 (11.461KB)
Checkbox356152 (6.008KB)
CollapsibleList22940952 (39.992KB)
ColorPicker34136256 (35.406KB)
ComboBox4742792208 (773.641KB)
CrossSplitter6315352 (14.992KB)
GroupBox1510264 (10.023KB)
ImagePanel81408 (1.375KB)
Label539304 (9.086KB)
LabelMultiline4118920 (18.477KB)
ListBox28966771 (65.206KB)
MenuStrip983203992 (199.211KB)
Numeric445216 (5.094KB)
PageControl6412096 (11.812KB)
ProgressBar7310016 (9.781KB)
Properties66180348 (78.465KB)
RadioButton6812592 (12.297KB)
ScrollControl574105864 (103.383KB)
Slider344912 (4.797KB)
StatusBar112144 (2.094KB)
TabControl18241952 (40.969KB)
TextBox30637552 (36.672KB)
TreeControl727121572 (118.723KB)
Window162856 (2.789KB)

As you can see the "unit test" from GWEN use 1681.542KB, with Gwork using 1530.133KB. So that's roughly 160KB smaller. Note, this is from the gwen branch in the Gwork repo. 


There is a more detailed comparison below.

NameCount deltaSize delta% size
API test-1063-163051 (-159.229KB)90.5%
CollapsibleList-21-1208 (-1.180KB)97.1%
ColorPicker-64-3752 (-3.664KB)89.7%
ComboBox-548-36800 (-35.938KB)95.4%
CrossSplitter-9-4224 (-4.125KB)72.5%
GroupBox-2-6336 (-6.188KB)38.3%
Label-8-1136 (-1.109KB)87.8%
LabelMultiline-5-10184 (-9.945KB)46.2%
ListBox-37-20731 (-20.245KB)69.0%
MenuStrip-166-50688 (-49.500KB)75.2%
Properties-532892 (2.824KB)103.6%
TabControl-1-7936 (-7.750KB)81.1%
TextBox-72-14472 (-14.133KB)61.5%
TreeControl-13-3588 (-3.504KB)97.0%

There isn't much detail about where the savings come from but the unicode string changes will have had an effect. GWEN stored every control string as wide unicode and as ASCII. LabelMultiline has a considerable saving, probably due to this. Interesting that a couple are larger than GWEN. Will have to investigate this.

Future Work

This gives a reference point on which to compare any future memory saving work. Work here might include:

  • Event system refactor. This is pretty inefficient as every control contains listeners and the associated containers whether used or not.
  • Type size and reordering. E.g. booleans might be better as chars, enums as chars etc. These might also be more efficient packed in the controls by reordering them.

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