Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Xcode 8 notes

Just installed Xcode 8. Let's see what Apple have in store. Nervous about installing Xcode as anything pre 7.x was a patchy. The 4-5 series were just alphas and should never have replaced 3.x.

First thing noticed, the font has changed! Ok, we'll roll with that. GUI looks largely the same. Try some editing: comment in/out shortcut not working.

Fixing comment shortcut

Other users having same problem in the betas. Fix kudos to Chris Hanson from Twitter. From terminal:
sudo /use/libexec/xpccachectl
And you have to restart your Mac. Just log out/in won't work.

I think plug-ins are used in Xcode 8. XPC appears to be an IPC protocol, part of Grand Dispatch. So I guess this is how the plug-ins talk to Xcode. Ok so that looks fixed.

Still no column display

For something that claims to be a source code editor, it is pretty strange that the column number isn't displayed anywhere. You can get line number from the sidebar, but not column, which is useful for commenting and layout. Will update issue ticket for this.

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